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To challenge, to create, to invent,
As the studio is founded by a woman of color, Felipa has grown to look at situations from a multiple angles. And as she has walked in areas that are not used to see people like her, Felipa understands and emphases with different groups of people. This gives her a highly commercial insight, but also take in account the difficulties of minorities or people without a voice face in this day and age.
Design that isn't one day fly and positive.
The studio will research new ways of producing and creation that will have a small footprint on the environment.
As Felipa combines art, cultures and styles she want to have a solid research. In a time where cultural appropriation is a hot topic, Felipa will research her inspiration and reflect how this will not be offensive for groups.
To celebrate all the layers of our society and the influences it has on our world and design.
The studio is against hatred or exclusion based on gender, sexuality orientation, race and age. We are the world and we are all equal. In the concepts she want to be inclusive and not offensive.
The goal is to create without exploding people and resources. The search for local and quality. And supporting organizations and companies that pay the right wages for those are making the products.
The style of the studio can best describe as a dreamy and futuristic. Sometimes kawaii and cool at the same time. In a time that we as humans have a numerous of challenges regarding the climate, our work / life balance, KESHA FELIPA wants imagine through her concepts how we can create a world that is friendly, thoughtful and at peace.
With the climate change in full swing Felipa wants that her products and ideas will not exploit at any level. One of the studio’s goals is to create or find ways to print (or a technique) on textile that is timeless, eco-friendly and will last. With this in mind the studio wants to explore eco textile, on demand printing and local production.
Knowledge is everything according to KESHA FELIPA. In her work she want to decode, give an insight and inform why something is happening. And how she uses this information in her work. And give explanation why this is also so important for her and her concepts.

Founded as a design studio in 2015 Felipa has explore different angles to design products. In 2019 the call to create this manifesto became louder and louder. As the number of clothes that are finding their way to landfills is growing, fast fashion still exists and climate is changing for the worst, Felipa has decide to use her visual skills to re-image the world. First, she dropped the use of the word Fashion out of the studio’s communication. Fashion still implies the rat race of hypes, weekly supply of high street stores and low prices. Felipa rather wants to focus on imagining, design solutions and research our desire to displaying our identity. 

Second, Felipa wants to give even more weight to her WHY of being a creative. Felipa believes that creativity, design and research can help us find happiness. And satisfaction, if it is done on an qualitative and sustainable manner. Too often she will hear that she can better drop out of the creative industry, because it is a waste of time. And choose a better career. Only most of these ‘careers’ involves dreadful jobs, bullshit jobs and no solution to our problems. After listing the podcast Creative Pep Talk [episode 202] she strongly is convinced that creativity is her way.  

The studio’s work expands to illustration, apparel graphics design, textile design, visual research, brainstorms and cultural research. At this moment Felipa is working on her skill to create motion graphics and animation to complete her skills set to convey her artistic views on design, culture and society. For its range of products KESHA FELIPA is finding ways to do this that are local produced, sustainable and eco-friendly. 

KESHA FELIPA is open for new projects in the field of commercial and cultural fields. For her it is important that the projects are inline with the drivers of the studio. As trained fashion designer she knows the downsides of production and the pain of exclusion. So she wants the multiple-discipline studio to contribute and construct to a wonderful and bright world.  This means that the studio will be critical of projects and organizations it will be involve with.