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Hi, I am Kesha

Welcome to the KESHA FELIPA website. KESHA FELIPA is illustration, surface pattern and textile studio based in Breda, The Netherlands. The studio creates quirky, playful and yet minimalistic prints and illustrations. Next to the creative outlet, Felipa is currently working on her knowledge about Identity and consumer goods. Coming soon to on the journal / blog page: posts about the relation between fashion, trends, society and the SELF.



Pattern design
Sketchy drawing

Journal / blog

Why An Update Of The Studio?

Why An Update Of The Studio? You might have seen it: the website and Instagram of my studio have got
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Studio is updated

A new & calm restart Since the starting of this year I started to think what I can do different
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KESHA FELIPA is changing the website

At this moment this website is changing its overall look. I will not put in maintenance mode, so the information
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