Question Which sizes are your clothing available?
AnswerThe current sizes are Small, Medium and Large. Some styles only have M and L. We know it is very limited. As small studio the choice was to start with 3 sizes. Sign in for the newsletter to be in the loop for new styles and also sizes!

FAQ regarding the company

Question I like your products and would like to internship at your company. Is this possible?
AnswerThank you, I am honored that you are considering spend an important part of your study at the studio, but unfortunately at this moment we don’t offer internships.
Question Where is KESHA FELIPA based?
AnswerIt is based in Breda, The Netherlands. This is a middle large city in the South of Holland nearby the border with Belgium.
Question Can I visit to studio?
AnswerOnly at appointment. Contact me via e-mail
Question I love your cards! I have an event where I want to put postcards in goodie bags. But we have no budget more to buy your cards. Do you sponsor events with postcards?
AnswerNo, I don’t sponsor at no level. This is a small and upcoming company. In the past people already have ask for possibilities for free cards. It breaks my heart that some think that art is for free. Check my Etsy store and social for special offers or discounts, but free, ain’t goin’ happen. If it is for a good cause, that is another question, but for normal events I am not able to participate. If you are a stylist and want to use KESHA FELIPA products for a photoshoot, please contact us via e-mail.