The namesake studio is founded in 2015 as illustration studio by Dutch designer Kesha Felipa. Creating mix media prints for small keepsakes, apparel and shoes. The studio attended FashionClash (2015) and lifestyle markets in the past years all around the Netherlands.

The studio is inspired by youth culture, music, pop culture with a touch treasuring the outsiders. Just as a DJ and MC would, KESHA FELIPA is mixing this orchestra of elements in an edgy, quirky and modern prints/illustrations. Intuitive approach makes the studio stand out. A lyric, a note or fragment of a videoclip can be the fire starter for a collection. Next to that the studio loves clean graphic design and modern /urban architecture.    

KESHA FELIPA started in 2017 to produce garments in small garments ateliers in the Netherlands and Portugal. The desire for a brand that creates loving and cool things, but still be humble Kesha realized she has to create this herself. The brand believes in a slow approach to deliver quality, not offensive prints (still they are tongue-in-cheek proof) and let hypes be hypes. The collections are not seasonal swifters, but flow into each other. The fit of the line is hybrid / unisex. To launch the slow fashion urban brand, KESHA FELIPA held a pop-up in Amsterdam end February 2018.

By end 2018 the current situation of fast fashion and cheap pricing for clothes she decided in 2019 to stop this part of the studio. The remaining pieces is still available via Etsy. 

In 2019 Kesha is returning back to illustration and dive more into animations / GIFS. Her desire to mix fashion theory, philosophy and visual culture stands out. More than creating clothing, even though she loves the aspects of fashion design. As designer she reckons that designers needs to take responsibility for the growing pile of poor made products. By creating ideas and pondering about identity and needs Kesha Felipa wants contribute to re-thinking why we shop. She also wants to prepare for getting her degree as arts teacher. 

Enough ideas, new and exciting paths to explore for the studio. 

Have a cool and positive day!

ABOUT Kesha 

Kesha Felipa (1987) graduated from ArtEZ Fashion Masters & AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). At both studies she specialized in pop culture, trends and identity she mixes her cultural background (The Caribbean) and society studies together. Currently she is combining her studio with work outside the creative industry. Her future plans include starting a study for arts teacher, learning more about philosophy and motion graphics.

Featured Services

World Shipping!

World Shipping!

KESHA FELIPA is shipping to EU (including EER countries) and world wide. We ship domestic and international with PostNL (Dutch postal service). Due to weight and size are the shipping rates variable, but we gives indictions of the shipping prices at the product pages.

Sourcing & Production

KESHA FELIPA wants to mix fun & thinking about the future. That is why we try to think how we produce our products. At this moment we produce in The Netherlands and Portugal. And we source fabrics and trimmings in The Netherlands, Portugal, the rest of the EU and China. Our goal is to create an transparant unisex urban apparel brand that will include organic and bio-friendly materials in its collection. And together we can be an better alternative against the fast fashion retailers offering copy-of-a-copy and doughy made products. So buy of upcoming brands of young designers to really made your style outstanding and help the enviroment. Are you in?

Meet the founder and creative designer of KESHA FELIPA

Hi there, I am Kesha Felipa (yes, it is really my name) and a designer graduated from ArtEZ Fashion Masters and Amfi (Amsterdam Fashion Institute).  I was born and raised in The Netherlands, with a huge interest in pop culture and visual culture. I rather spend my childhood decoding how cartoons are made or why the Backstreet Boys wear Tommy Hilfiger then play outside. This curious view on the media gives me an very unique look at fashion. Sometimes misunderstood, but most times convincing. After working at retailers after my graduation I feel that I am too peculiar to work at large or conventional companies. And I am probably not as an unicorn as I think, wink wink. We live is  a time of too much ado about nothing. Ain’t my style. With my good heart and stubborn personality I slowly made my steps in creative entrepreneurship. Slow but you better learn slowly and in silence that fire up into flames! The coming years I want to turn the namesake brand an cheeky apparel brand with cool prints, street inspired styles and urban authenticity.