Style. Decode.Map -
Graduation ArtEZ

Concept and the product

Style.Decode.Map (SDM) is an online style platform where street styles are decoded. This style platform shows street snaps, infographics, information based on fashion and sub cultural theory. And final, Style.Decode.Map shows the elements of the lifestyle of a style group. A few examples of lifestyle elements are shops, music and style codes. 

The goal of this concept is to make a clear overview in the ocean of information. The difference between SDM and fashion blogs is that it will not be updated on a daily base. New styles and content will be added every two weeks.

The Style.Decode.Map project consists of three products: the website of SDM (offline since 2018), research report and portfolio. The next product is the research report. 

Project: Graduation project ArtEZ Fashion Masters, Branded Design

Project date: SEP 2011 – JUN 2012

Categories: Concept development + Illustration + Reseach

Further details project PDF:Graduation-project-artez for more information about the project