Style. Decode.Map -
Graduation ArtEZ

How to create a new vision of documenting street style

To create a new vision of documenting street style Felipa looked at existing methods to capture street style. The next step was to look what is good about the way others document street style and what not. Regardless of all the online fashion blogs Felipa misses the background of street styles. The background is the information of a certain style. Felipa thinks author Ted Polhemus is one of the few people that provide information about street style in his books. This research led to the creation of Style.Decode.Map.


There are two approaches to document style: the creative and commercial approach. For the creative approach Felipa examined fashion bloggers, Exactitudes and fashion magazines. Felipa looked at (youth) research bureaus and apps to see how commercial institutions collect street style and sub cultural information.

Another part of the inspiration was for the look of the Style.Decode.Map website. Felipa visited numerous websites and blogs for graphical inspiration.

Concept and the product

Style.Decode.Map (SDM) is an online style platform where street styles are decoded. This style platform shows street snaps, infographics, information based on fashion and sub cultural theory. And final, Style.Decode.Map shows the elements of the lifestyle of a style group. A few examples of lifestyle elements are shops, music and style codes. The lifestyle elements are represented in lifestyle icons. With this icons the visitor of the website can navigate in the map of a certain style. If the visitor clicks on one of the icons he or she can for example read the background of a specific style code. The visitor can see where a group likes to shops and where these shops are. Or watch music videos of the music a style group listen to.

Style.Decode.Map have a few steps to create a map of a style group. First SDM collects photos of six persons with a similar (street) style. To know more about the style codes SDM interviews the photographed youngsters. The subject of the questions is about the outfit the person is wearing on the photo. What are the favourite shops, music, magazines, films and hangouts? The information of the interviews is the starting point for the map of icons. For the future wants that young people submit photos themselves. On is a wanted page where SDM posts illustrations of wanted styles. If the visitor of the website have one of the wanted styles he or she can mail a photo to SDM. Why is attractive to submit a photo? Of every style group Style.Decode.Map selects the style icon of a group. This style icon gets a place in the Hall of Icons. And his or her tips for the lifestyle icons will be highlighted.

The goal of this concept is to make a clear overview in the ocean of information. The difference between SDM and fashion blogs is that it will not be updated on a daily base. New styles and content will be added every two weeks.

The Style.Decode.Map project consists of three products: the website of SDM (offline since 2018), research report and portfolio. The next product is the research report. The subject of this report is how style emerges and how it changes. In this report Felipa reflects on her journey to the end result of Style.Decode.Map. The final product of the Style.Decode.Map project is the portfolio. In the portfolio Felipa presents a collection of projects she have be working on during her study at ArtEZ Fashion Masters.  The projects she presents in the portfolio shows her ability as Style Decoder.