Black Satire

Digital exhibition

This project was part of the course Massacultuur (Mass media) during the third year of the Visual Arts Teacher Training at FHK (Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten).

The inspiration for the digital exhibition came from Felipa’s own cultural background. And BLM 2020: she wanted to bring back some lightness within the discourse about racism against BIPOC.

Growing up as a black kid, Felipa remembers that in black media humor is a key ingredient to discuss heavy topics like cultural appropriation of black cultures. And that black people within black communities always find a way to express themselves. Which results in groundbreaking cultural phenomena such as HipHop, Funk, Reggae and Rock ‘n Roll.

Felipa created a small handout (booklet) with short texts for each exhibition room. And a video where she takes the viewer through the exhibition and a few highlights. The curated artworks are pieces of work best associated with popular media such as film, sitcoms, music videos and fashion

Project: Part of the course Massacultuur (Mass Media) during Visual Arts Teachers Training at Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Tilburg

Project date: DEC 2020 – JUN 2021

Categories: Art Education + Graphic Design + Video + Voice-over

Further details project: Click HERE for PDF