Studio is updated

A new
calm restart

Since the starting of this year I started to think what I can do different than the years before. I spend a lot of effort to create a series of Sweaters andT-shirts. And I totally forgot to take care of myself and a marketing budget(!). As fashion is moving faster and cheaper I wanted to do something that has a longer shelf life. And where I can spend more into the quality of life of the customer who bought it. My childhood fantasy of becoming an animator also rises from the past. I decided do more with print-on-demand, high quality and timeless design. But with the touch of cute and fun I always had in my style. 

KESHA FELIPA is changing the website

At this moment this website is changing its overall look. I will not put in maintenance mode, so the information on the site is still available for you. This will explain the changing fonts and images this coming times. I hope to see you soon to the renewed site of KESHA FELIPA.